What’s in a 0805 Capacitor Datasheet?

0805 capacitor datasheet

These SMD capacitors come in standard package sizes, but they don’t all have their own datasheets.

There are millions of unique electronic components on the market, and this is especially true for passives. A single distributor may offer hundreds of thousands of unique SMD passives and semiconductor options, with tens of thousands of components in active production and in-stock at any moment. 

With so many possibilities to choose from, it is important to understand how to read a component datasheet to determine the SMD component best-suited to meet your specific needs. SMD capacitors and other SMD passives have standardized package sizes, but they can have many non-standard specifications normally found in a datasheet. However, since so many of these components are on the market, datasheets for individual MPNs are often unavailable from major manufacturers. To examine this issue further, let’s use the 0805 capacitor datasheet as an example to illustrate the pain points involved in finding and reading these datasheets.

Reading a 0805 Capacitor Datasheet

If you’ve never opened up a 0805 capacitor datasheet, it is probably because individual datasheets for specific SMD components don’t really exist. Component manufacturers producing components with standard SMD package sizes have hundreds of different component options in multiple product lines. These various components have different electrical values, come in any of the standard SMD size codes, are made from various materials, and have unique MPNs.

Because each manufacturer offers so many components in multiple product lines, a 0805 datasheet for capacitors and many other standardized SMD components will typically look a lot more like a product catalog than a datasheet. These documents are sometimes called “product guides”, as they contain information for an entire product line, rather than just a single MPN. This is useful in many ways, as it enables a comparison among a large number of SMD components.

Although 0805 passives and other SMD components may not have a specific datasheet, they do have some common qualities described in the product guides. For 0805 capacitors, the package is standardized (shown in the drawing below). However, before using, it is always best to check with the manufacturer’s guidelines, as there can be variations between manufacturers. 

0805 capacitor datasheet package size

0805 SMD component package size

Aside from the standard SMD package dimensions, 0805 capacitors have other specifications described in a datasheet. Whether you are looking for a 0805 capacitor or some other standardized capacitor package, there are three primary specifications typically called out in a datasheet: capacitance, breakdown voltage, and equivalent series inductance (ESL).

Capacitance and Breakdown Voltage

The capacitance and breakdown voltage of a capacitor are related to each other; a capacitor with larger capacitance tends to have a larger breakdown voltage, assuming all other factors are equal. There are two main factors that determine the breakdown voltage of a capacitor:

  • Package size: Physically larger packages tend to have higher breakdown voltages because there is a larger separation between the leads on the package.
  • Material: Different insulating dielectrics in the capacitor will have different breakdown strengths because they have different dielectric constants. Ceramics tend to have the highest breakdown voltages among SMD capacitors.

These same factors determine the capacitance of the component. However, its electrical behavior is also influenced by a certain parasitic, known as equivalent series inductance (ESL).

Equivalent Series Inductance (ESL)

The ESL value is important for high-speed designs, as it will determine the self-resonant frequency of the capacitor. When driven above the self-resonant frequency, the capacitor will act as an inductor and exhibit inductive impedance. If you are designing a high-speed or high-frequency system, you should look for a capacitor with low ESL; a lower ESL value means the self-resonant frequency will be larger.

There are variants of the 0805 package and other SMD packages marketed as low ESL components. These low inductance chip capacitors (LICC) can provide high capacitance values with low inductance, making them a great option for power decoupling at high frequencies with integrated circuits or RF power amplifiers. Consider an LICC when looking for a capacitor able to support high frequencies without self-resonance.

0508 capacitor datasheet

Schematic symbol, footprint, and 3D model for the Murata LLL216R71E104MA01L SMD LICC (this is known as a 0508 package).

Using Other SMD Components

Although our discussion is focused on the 0805 capacitor datasheet as an example, the above discussion applies to other SMD components in other standardized SMD packages. This includes LEDs, resistors, inductors, and other semiconductors that are part of a larger product line or run in multiple product lines. Placing these components into your new design requires PCB footprints, schematic symbols, and sourcing data, all of which can be found in a quality electronics search engine.

When you are looking for a 0805 capacitor datasheet, other standardized SMD components, or any other technical documentation, consider using the electronics search engine features of Ultra Librarian. You can find component data for your components with verified CAD models, which can be imported into popular ECAD applications. You will also have access to sourcing information from worldwide distributors.

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